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Our Process - What To Expect

Mailshell's Recruiting Process

Mailshell's recruiting process is designed to help identify candidates who best fit our culture and job requirements. We want to find great people who will love working here while adding great value to our team. Each of the following steps helps us find superstars whose goals, skills and priorities match ours.

Additionally, international applicants are welcome and we are willing to support relocation.

Step 1: Survey and Code Exercise
We ask each candidate to fill out an online survey. This provides us with greater detail about your goals, expectations and preferred working style. If you are applying for a technical position, this survey may also include a code exercise for which you will have 72 hours to complete.

Step 2: Logic and Work Preferences Survey
Candidates will receive a second more in-depth survey to fill out one online, which includes questions about your job skills and/or technical qualifications.

Step 3: Phone Interviews
The best candidates are invited for an initial phone interview with a member of our development team. This is the technical interview for which you will discuss more in depth your skill set, what you feel you can contribute, as well as hear more about our current projects and how they relate to the position. If it looks like there continues to be a technical fit, we will proceed to schedule two more interviews with members of our management team. You'll get to ask questions about the job requirements, company goals and expectations. We'll discuss your qualifications and fit with our culture.

Step 4: Provide Work Samples
Depending on the position for which you're applying, we may ask you for writing samples, code samples, college transcripts, etc.

Step 5: Reference Checks and Background Checks
You provide us with at least three professional references. Ideally, this step confirms the great things we've already learned about you.

Step 6: Video Conference
We often ask for a last, short video conference to resolve any unanswered questions and to help us make our final selections.

Step 7: Job Offer
Congratulations! We know you'll be a great addition to our team!




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