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Press Releases

Mailshell's SpamCompiler Brings New Muscle to Lyris Product

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, February 10, 2005 - Lyris' MailShield Server provides highly advanced, cost-efficient mail filtering and tracking, and now includes Mailshell SpamCompiler version 3.2, which optimizes, compiles and executes more than one million filter checks in a fraction of a second. SpamCompiler technology combines a fast, compact, flexible decision tree with an intelligent, self-tuning engine.

"Our MailShield customers include major, multi-national corporations with high-volume messaging, so we needed a solution that could easily scale to their needs," said Luis Rivera, General Manager of Lyris Technologies. "Mailshell's SpamCompiler was the clear OEM frontrunner because it's extremely sophisticated, yet also lightening-fast."

Lyris MailShield Server launched in 1998 and offers administrators a wide choice of filters and rules to protect enterprise installations. MailShield Server 4.0 is available with either a Standard feature set in Windows or Solaris, or a Pro feature set for Windows. Each version incorporates Mailshell's SpamCompiler technology. The Pro version offers an extra degree of transparency by recording all SMTP transactions and providing a complete, searchable audit trail of every incoming and outgoing message.

Mailshell's SpamCompiler SDK, the embedded engine in Lyris MailShield Server, is the world's leading anti-spam engine licensed by over 20 US and International OEMs and used by more than 5,000 enterprises and 10 million consumers on over a dozen platforms. The SDK starts at 200k of code, can handle more than two million messages a day, and can be embedded anywhere in the email flow. Mailshell's OEM partners generate new anti-spam revenue, upsell existing products to new anti-spam customers, and cut anti-spam engineering and support costs to near zero.

About Lyris: Lyris Technologies is the developer of MailShield Server, an enterprise-level email filtering application. Hundreds of mid-to-large-scale organizations rely on MailShield for protection from unsolicited commercial email and unauthorized relay. Lyris also develops ListManager, the world's best-selling email marketing software. Over 4,000 businesses use ListManager and its ASP counterpart, ListHosting, for high-performance, permission-based email campaign management and analytics. Founded in 1994 and profitable since 1995, Lyris was recently named one of the fastest growing private companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, visit

About Mailshell Inc.: Mailshell is the world's leading anti-spam engine provider and is the first and only anti-spam engine in the world with SpamCompiler Technology. SpamCompiler can process more than a million filter checks in a fraction of a second. Via Mailshell's OEM partners, more than 5,000 companies and 10 million consumers worldwide rely on SpamCompiler software to block spam. Mailshell's software helps its OEM partners, including Cyberguard, Panda Software, Oracle Corporation, Broderbund and Lyris Technologies, among others, generate new anti-spam revenue, upsell existing products to new anti-spam customers, and cut anti-spam engineering and support costs to near zero. For more information, visit

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