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Mailshell Beats the Competition in Review of Spam Fighters by Leading Consumer Reporting Magazine

Editors Cite "Easy Installation and Ease of Use are Paramount"

SANTA CLARA, CA - August 1, 2003 - Mailshell, the OEM anti-spam leader, beat Symantec™, McAfee® and other commercial anti-spam providers in head-to-head tests conducted by the leading consumer reporting magazine for its August issue. Mailshell's SpamCatcher Desktop was also recently named "the experts choice" by the Sunday Herald in the U.K., and earned an Editors' Choice award earlier this year from PC Magazine. Mailshell software is deployed at more than 350 companies and organizations and by thousands of paying consumers worldwide

SpamCatcher Universal lets users personalize and adjust the filter strength to ensure maximum accuracy and reliability. Once downloaded, the desktop software product works with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora and virtually all POP mail client software.

All Mailshell products are based on Mailshell's engine, the leading OEM anti-spam solution. Mailshell deploys the engine as a software developers kit, and in a series enterprise anti-spam products and personal anti-spam products.

"Mailshell's engine lets consumers enjoy the same level of spam protection as large enterprises," said Tonny Yu, CEO of Mailshell. "Consumers and businesses both want the same thing: the easiest and most accurate solution to spam. The Mailshell engine meets this need and we can deploy it across more products and platforms than any other company."

Mailshell's engine identifies spam by using more than a thousand spam-blocking rules, including pattern matches, heuristic functions, and proprietary and third party databases. Complex algorithms are applied to compute the probability that each piece of e-mail is spam. The Mailshell Engine also creates a fingerprint ID for every e-mail message and uses it to continuously analyze new spam, create new rules and adjust the weighting of existing rules. Since spam constantly evolves, customers can opt to receive scheduled or real-time rules updates.

About Mailshell
Mailshell is OEM anti-spam leader. The Mailshell Engine is the only anti-spam solution developed explicitly to integrate spam-blocking technology with common IT components, including security appliances, mail servers, mail clients, anti-virus applications and many others. Mailshell's software recently earned an "Editors' Choice" award in PC Magazine's review of spam filters, and has been dubbed "priceless" by Forbes magazine, "excellent" by the Associated Press and "easy to use" by CNET. For more information visit

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