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Webwasher's Anti-Spam Solution Selected by Major ISP to Protect Customers from Junk Emails

Germany's T-Online Chooses SpamEquator Prime After Testing Multiple Products

NEW YORK, NY - January 13, 2004 - T-Online International, the largest Internet Service Provider in Germany with over 10.5 million subscribers, has selected Webwasher's SpamEquator™ Prime as its solution for helping customers stem the flood of spam emails. High accuracy, reliability and performance, demonstrated in tests of SpamEquator Prime versus competing products, were the deciding factors, along with the scalability and low hardware and administration requirements of Webwasher's system.

Performance and scalability are critical to T-Online because of its large and growing customer base. The ISP will market the new solution under the name "Spamschutz Plus" ("Spam Guard Plus").

"The ever-increasing flood of unwanted junk mails is very time- and money- consuming for users. In the long term, this problem can only be solved if the provider takes technical measures. In our tests, we achieved the best results with Webwasher's new, flexible method combination," said Dr. Volker Binder, head of product marketing services & mobile Internet at T-Online. "With SpamEquator Prime, we achieve a high spam recognition rate, at the same time keeping the risk of overblocking to a minimum. In this way, the unwanted filtering of important e-mails is avoided.

Using its exclusive MethodMix™ technology, SpamEquator Prime combines the results of seven complementary spam recognition methods to determine an overall spam probability. The filter methods used, such as Mailshell® SpamCatcher (featuring fingerprint and heuristic methods), Habeas® Sender Warrented Filtering, Real-Time Blackhole Lists (RBLs), Header Rule Filter, Body Rule Filter and Bayesian Rule Filter, are updated regularly and can be deployed either simultaneously or in any desired combination.

Webwasher's anti-spam filter also examines the sender's domain; checks the sender, message and subject line; and performs a comparison of all embedded links with the Webwasher DynaBLocator, the market's most comprehensive URL filter database. In addition, SpamEquator Prime analyzes all characteristics of the messages themselves in order to render the spammer's camouflage mechanisms ineffective.

"T-Online was looking for a comprehensive, secure and price-effective solution offering their customers the best possible protection against spam, and they looked at products from the biggest names in the IT security industry," said Dr. Horst Joepen, Webwasher President and CEO. "Their decision to use SpamEquator Prime is powerful testimony to the quality and performance of our product."

About Webwasher: Webwasher AG is a leading provider of Internet security solutions for companies and public institutions. The company develops and markets innovative products for the growing Content Security Management/Policy Enforcement Tool market, and has been named the fastest-growing provider of web filtering solutions by research firm IDC. WebWasher CSM Suite, the company's flagship product, integrates Internet access management, Internet content filtering, e-mail and spam filtering, virus protection and reporting into a single centrally managed solution that reduces acquisition, deployment and maintenance costs. Webwasher's CSM and point solutions are deployed by over 4,000 companies worldwide, including 30 Fortune 500 companies. Webwasher has established reseller and strategic partnerships with Network Appliance, IBM, Check Point, Computer Associates, Network Associates and Cisco Systems. For more information, visit

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