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Lyris to Integrate Mailshell Spam Filter into its MailShield Server Software Application

BERKELEY, CA - September 1, 2004 - Lyris Technologies, developer of the world's best-selling email marketing software, today announced that it will enhance its award-winning MailShield Server email filtering application by integrating Mailshell Inc.'s anti-spam engine. Lyris will include the Mailshell Spam Recognition System (MSRS) in its upcoming release of MailShield Server 4.0 this September. The 300 businesses using MailShield Server to protect their organizations from unwanted email and unauthorized relay will thereby join the more than 4,000 companies and 10 million users worldwide currently relying on 'Powered by Mailshell' products to filter spam.

Lyris' MailShield Server is an advanced email filtering application that identifies and disposes of undesirable mail, and protects mail servers from unauthorized relay attempts. First launched in 1998, MailShield Server offers administrators a wide choice of filters and rules to protect enterprise installations. The previous version of MailShield included the popular SpamAssassin open-source filtering engine, and this latest release adds Mailshell's widely lauded Spam Recognition System to the product's anti-spam arsenal.

"We sought a partner with extensive, complementary anti-spam expertise, so that we could bring an even more powerful MailShield to market faster," said Steven Brown, COO of Lyris Technologies. "Our testing revealed that Mailshell's anti-spam engine is more accurate, faster, and easier to use than others, and we take great confidence in Mailshell's exclusive focus on supporting its OEM partners."

"Lyris has hundreds of blue-chip customers who depend on MailShield to protect their businesses," said Tonny Yu, president and CEO of Mailshell. "Lyris' numerous awards and 10 years in business are testament to its excellence, and we're excited to work with such a solid organization."

About Lyris: Lyris Technologies is the developer of MailShield Server, an enterprise-level email filtering application. More than 300 businesses rely on MailShield to protect their organizations from unsolicited commercial email and unauthorized relay. Lyris also develops ListManager, the world's best-selling email marketing software. Over 4,000 businesses use ListManager and its ASP counterpart, ListHosting, for high-performance, permission-based email campaign management and analytics. Founded in 1994 and profitable since 1995, Lyris was recently named one of the fastest growing private companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, please visit

About Mailshell Inc.: Mailshell is the OEM anti-spam leader. More than 4,000 companies and 10 million consumers rely on 'Powered by Mailshell' products to block spam. By using Mailshell's software development kit, Mailshell's partners increase their average revenue per customer, create new sources of recurring revenue, and decrease sales and support costs. The Mailshell Engine is the only anti-spam solution developed explicitly to integrate spam-blocking technology with common IT components, including security appliances, mail servers, anti-virus applications and many others. For more information:

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