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Mailshell Introduces New Statistical Solution for Stopping Email Fraud

Mailshell SpamRepute Index Unveiled at FTC's Email Authentication Summit

WASHINGTON DC, November 10, 2004 - Mailshell, the OEM anti-spam leader and creator of the world's only SpamCompiler, will introduce the Mailshell SpamRepute Index here today at the Federal Trade Commission's Email Authentication Summit. SpamRepute Index is an advanced statistical analysis-based method of quantifying email senders' reputations, to identify 'phishing' and other fraud-based email.

Mailshell started developing SpamRepute Index earlier this year and has recently added it to its spam filtering library currently used by more than 4,000 companies and 10 million consumers. The method accurately identifies virtually all phishing, spoofing and other fraudulent email. SpamRepute Index is compatible with other sender authentication techniques including Sender ID, Domain Keys and other emerging authentication standards.

"The need to quantify sender reputation grows as spammers fraudulently emulate legitimate mail and reputable senders," said Tonny Yu, founder and CEO of Mailshell, and a featured speaker at the FTC's summit this week. "Stopping spam is ultimately a math problem so converting reputation into quantifiable statistics is therefore a more accurate, scalable and global approach."

SpamRepute Index tracks and correlates "hard to fake" email attributes including IP address, domains, sender fingerprints and message fingerprints, along with secondary attributes such as country of origin, domain owner, name server and registrar. The data is compiled from Mailshell's global networks of servers and combined, via Bayesian statistical analysis, to compute an overall SpamRepute Index for every message. Though many anti-spam solutions, including Mailshell's, use Bayesian filtering to analyze message content, Mailshell is the only solution to use Bayesian analysis to determine sender reputation and to detect bulk mail.

Tonny Yu will present an overview of SpamRepute Index at the FTC's Email Authentication Summit as part of session titled "Beyond Email Authentication: The Role of Reputation, Accreditation and Other Spam Tools" at 3:30 pm on Wednesday, November 10.

Mailshell is the leading anti-spam OEM and is the first and only anti-spam engine in the world with SpamCompiler Technology. SpamCompiler can process more than a million filter checks in a fraction of a second. Via Mailshell's OEM partners, more than 4,000 companies and 10 million consumers worldwide rely on the 'Powered by Mailshell' software to block spam. Mailshell's software helps its OEM partners increase their average revenue per customer, create new sources of recurring revenue, and decrease sales and support costs.

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