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Mailshell Beats More than 20 Other Internet Security Vendors in Newest VBSpam Report; Jumps to Second Place Overall

SAN FRANCISCO - December 1, 2011 - Mailshell accurately detects more spam, with fewer errors, than more than 20 of the world's top spam filters, according to the new VBSpam Comparative Test, the industry's premier independent testing program. Mailshell accurately blocked 99.9% of spam, without blocking a single legitimate email (0.0% false positive rate) in the newest VBSpam report. The company's spam filter is the first OEM-focused engine to earn a VBSpam award. Mailshell is the leading provider of Internet security engines for OEMs, including anti-spam, anti-phishing, DNS Security and URL filtering. Thousands of companies and millions of consumers worldwide rely on "Powered by Mailshell" filtering engines for Internet security.

The VBSpam tests are administered by Virus Bulletin and benchmark leading vendors' filters using identical streams of email. While most products' overall accuracy scores declined since the September test, Mailshell's improved, scoring higher than IBM, Symantec, McAfee, Sophos, Kaspersky and other large Internet security vendors. The test also included a stream of newsletters, frequently the source of errors among spam filters; Mailshell scored perfectly in this area as well, repeating its error-free result from the September test.

According to the VB Spam report, Mailshell, "continued to block all but one in 1,000 spam emails and, once again, missed no legitimate emails or newsletters. With the second highest final score, the product's second VBSpam award is well deserved." The report is available here:

"Prudent security vendors weigh independent, third-party tests very heavily when evaluating OEM providers," said Eytan Urbas, vice president of products at Mailshell, "and results like these are exactly why so many of the world's best Internet security companies choose Mailshell."

Mailshell's Anti-Spam SDK provides complete and consistently accurate protection against email fraud, phishing and spam. The solution includes a locally installed SDK, as well as access to Mailshell LiveFeed, a real-time cloud-based data service that quantifies traffic reputation via advanced statistical models. Mailshell has more than 60 LiveFeed data centers in more than 20 countries on six continents for maximum availability and minimum latency. Unlike other reputation services that provide only a binary 'good' or 'bad' rating, LiveFeed provides granular trust ratings with automated adjustment over time as reputations change. By focusing reputation on mathematical models, rather than simply an 'IP black list' approach, LiveFeed provides more accurate, highly scalable detection.

Mailshell's SDKs are available on more than 10 operating systems and require as little as 32KB of code on the device. Mailshell's SDKs are embedded into security, networking and messaging products including software appliances, SaaS platforms, gateway security software, desktop security suites, UTM, mobile devices, wireless access points, firewalls, modems, and other low memory devices. More than ten of the premier filters for Windows desktops integrate the Mailshell engine. In addition to SDKs for email protection, Mailshell offers a DNS SDK for secure, encrypted DNS protection and the LiveFeed SDK for URL filtering and content categorization.

About Mailshell: Mailshell ( is the leading provider of Internet security engines for OEMs. Mailshell's software helps its global network OEM partners, including McAfee, CA, Check Point, ESET, AVG, Avast, NETGEAR, Webroot, Panda, Norman and others, generate new revenue, up-sell existing products to new customers and minimize related engineering and support costs. The company's mission is to organize information so people get only what they want, and only when, where and how they want it. Follow Mailshell on Twitter at

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