Mailshell's solutions enable its OEM partners to increase their average revenue per customer, create new sources of recurring subscription revenue, reduce sales and support personnel costs, and reduce in-house development costs.

Major Partners



Mailshell's strong OEM relationships and customer support enable the Company to expand relationships with existing partners, and supplant competing solutions.


"Mailshell's existing solution and future roadmap allows us to offer true best-of-breed technology to our customers."


"Mailshell's technology provides a great balance of low memory usage, high throughput and consistent accuracy."

CEO, AVAST Software

"We tested several new reputation technologies and were impressed with Mailshell LiveFeed's speed, accuracy and ease of use."

COO, Webroot

"We conducted exhaustive evaluations of several technologies before landing on Mailshell."

Managing Director, ESET

"Mailshell's detection rates, throughput and optimization best fit our requirements of comprehensive security combined with high performance."

Senior Product Line Manager for SMB Security, NETGEAR

"Mailshell is an ideal OEM partner."

Director, Product Management, McAfee

"Mailshell LiveFeed offers broader global coverage, greater scoring granularity and higher detection rates than competing solutions. We tested several commercial OEM solutions for more than six months before choosing Mailshell."

Director of Product Management, GFI

"We selected Mailshell because it provides accurate filtering along with the largest, most accessible network of data centers. Mailshell meets mobile operators' requirements of maximum accuracy with minimum latency in all geographies."

COO, AdaptiveMobile

"Vendors looking for OEM anti-spam should definitely evaluate Mailshell's offering."

Ferris Research Report: "The OEM Market for Anti-Spam Solutions"

"Mailshell's engine combines superior detection rates with the best flexibility and ease-of-use among OEM solutions."

VP of Marketing and Business Development, Norman

"Mailshell's SDK is the most flexible and easiest to integrate."

Vice President of Marketing, LanGate

"Our 'Powered by Mailshell' spam filter has been a great source of profitable, recurring revenue."

President and CEO, CommuniGate Systems

"OCS security features can be extended through our partnership with Mailshell."

Vice President of Marketing, Oracle Corporation

"Mailshell's solutions are accurate, scalable, and easy to integrate."

VP of SMB & Consumer Business Unit, ZyXEL

"Mailshell's engine and LiveFeed deliver measurable incremental filtering accuracy to our customers, while further inoculating our customers from false positives and over-blocking of legitimate mail."

CEO, Messaging Architects

"Mailshell's lab-focused approach, combined with real-world expertise via its top-tier OEM partners, makes it an ideal relationship for us."

Vice President, ICSA Labs

"We chose Mailshell in response to explicit customer demand."

Head of Alliances, Bizanga

"Sales have tripled since we added Mailshell's technology."

President and CEO, Defender Pro

"Mailshell provided consistently higher detection rates, including protection from backscatter spam, than other solutions we tested. Mailshell filters Russian spam more accurately than other commercial filters that either have inferior detection rates or high false positive rates with Russian email."

President, LETA

"Mailshell LiveFeed enhances and expands the data set against which we test other vendors' solutions. LiveFeed helps us with near real-time detection and inclusion of emerging, socially engineered web threats."

President, NSS Labs

"Mailshell also performed best against foreign language spam, phishing and other fraudulent emails."

President and CEO, GTA

"Our customers see a huge benefit from Mailshell's technology compared to open source technologies like SpamAssassin."

President and CEO, Mailspect

"Mailshell's SpamCompiler enhances spyware protection by catching all types of spam-borne malicious code, phishing and other types email fraud."

President, Aluria Software a Division of Earthlink

"We switched from another well-known commercial solution to the Mailshell engine in order to increase the flexibility, accuracy and support we can expect. We tested Mailshell versus several other providers and it proved to be the most effective, fast and memory-efficient solution available."

CTO, Internet Sheriff

"Mailshell's unique reputation-based filtering gives our customers top quality, reliable protection against emerging forms of spam and email-based fraud."

CEO, MailSite

"Mailshell's OEM solution is accurate, scalable and responsive to new, emerging threats."

VP International Expansion, Panda Software

"Mailshell's industry recognized anti-spam management solution is part of Finjan's ongoing strategy."

CEO, Finjan Software

"Mailshell's global network of OEMs provides a rich, diverse and current source of email reputation data."

Vice President and General Manager, Return Path

"Mailshell's anti-spam engine is more accurate, faster, and easier to use than other."

COO, Lyris Technologies

"Mailshell offered us easiest integration along with robust protection from the emerging forms of spam and phishing."

Founder and Director of Operations, IronGate

"We chose Mailshell for its detection of image spam and phishing, its small footprint, and its ability to port to the Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro."

Vice President of Marketing, Yoggie Security Systems

"We chose Mailshell for its ease of use, superior technology and proven customer satisfaction."

President, Allume Systems Inc.

"With the integration of the Mailshell engine, we now have powerful new capabilities to thwart the latest spammer techniques, such as image-based spam, and alleviate the most severe spam problems."

CEO, Reflexion

"We switched to Mailshell because of its extremely high accuracy and extremely simple integration with our existing system."

Director of Operations, Access US

"The demand for Mailshell's technology well exceeded our expectations."

Co-CEO, TechSoup Global

"Mailshell's solution has been simple, accurate and hassle-free. I'm able to focus on other priorities since Mailshell takes care of our spam problem."

Systems Administrator, Truste