Web Filtering SDK

Mailshell's Web Filtering SDK provides a real-time query lookup service or a small SDK with limited caching which, given a domain or URL, returns a list of matching categories and languages.

Key Features & Benefits

Simplest, most reliable and most accurate way to add web filtering functionality to existing security solutions. More than 60 data centers throughout the world ensures maximum availability and minimum latency.
Mailshell "Auto Config" makes integration simple. Dozens of options offered for optimizing memory usage, throughput and detection. Easy-to-use multi-threaded development library for fast and simple integration.
106 content categories for protection against inappropriate content. Proven and used by over 350 million end-users worldwide.
More than 19 years focus, several patents, and expertise delivering highly effective email and web categorization products. Web Filtering categorization database contains millions of unique sites with billions of web pages.


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How Does It Work?

How Does the Mailshell SDK Work?

For each web page, the Mailshell AI Engine applies checks of its four fraud detection engines:

For every web page, the four fraud identification engines utilize more than one million reputation queries, pattern matches or rules to identify sites with an incredibly high accuracy rate, and a near-zero false positive rate.

Additionally, Mailshell LiveFeed, a cloud-based reputation data platform offering comprehensive and granular URL category databases, provides real-time analysis from Mailshell's global data network of more than 60 data centers. The results of all of the engines are combined using a proprietary statistical formula into one final category probability score.

Since fraud, phishing and spam constantly evolve, Mailshell's Internet Security Lab continuously collects and analyzes new sites, and incorporates user feedback to tune reputation checks and databases and adjust the weighting of lookups.

Easy OEM Integration

Mailshell's Web Filtering SDK is designed for easy and simple OEM integration. It is used by OEMs, and powers thousands of companies and millions of end-users security applications.

• More than 60 data centers throughout the world.

• Available on Windows, Linux and uClinux OS.
• Available on both MIPS and ARM-based 32-bit and 64-bit hardware platforms.