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Configuring Your Email Client
Eudora Configuration


There are two steps to get Eudora running properly with Mailshell Anti-Spam:

  1. For each Eudora POP email account you want filtered by Mailshell Anti-Spam, edit its account settings in Eudora.
  2. If you want to move or delete your junk mail, create a filtering rule in Eudora.

Changing Settings in Eudora

These step-by-step instructions will show you how to configure Eudora 5.0+ for Mailshell Anti-Spam Universal.

Step 1

Choose Tools > Options.

Step 2

You should see something like:

Write down your current values for "Mail Server (Incoming)" and "Login name". You can always restore these original values if you don't want Mailshell Anti-Spam to filter this account any longer. In the above example, the "Mail Server (Incoming)" is "" and the "Login Name" is "jane".

Please note: If the "Mail Server (Incoming)" server is another program running on your computer such as:

  • localhost
  • web2pop

Then you need to refer to the manual for that program to connect to Mailshell Anti-Spam.

Otherwise, make the following two changes:

  1. Login Name: enter the "#" character after your username, followed by your SMTP Server (Incoming) information (in the example, this is given as ""). Note: Hotmail users should use "". Currently, only the Hotmail Inbox folder is retrieved. MSN users should use "".
  2. Mail Server (Incoming): replace your existing mail server name with "localhost".

The screen should now look like:

Note: Be sure a Return Address is listed. Leaving this field blank may confuse Eudora when sending mail due to the changes made in the Login Name field.

Click OK.

You've now configured Eudora to retrieve mail from Mailshell Anti-Spam Universal. Repeat for each POP email account you want Mailshell Anti-Spam to filter.

Let's continue by creating a Eudora filter to process the junk mail you receive.

Creating a Eudora Filter

Please note: The filtering rule assumes that you have already configured Mailshell Anti-Spam Universal to "Enable Spam Flagging".

Step 1

Choose Tools > Filters.

Click the New button.

Step 2

Select the Incoming check box.

Select the <Any Header> in the Header menu.

Type X-SpamCatcher-Flag over the text <Any Header> in the header field.

Type 'Yes' in the empty text field to the right of the contains entry.

Select Transfer To from the Action pull-down menu. Click the In button and select New to move it to a new folder (in the example, it is given as SpamCatcher).

Note: If you have multiple Eudora filters, you may want to set the second Action on this filter to Skip Rest so that your other filters are not applied.

Close the window and confirm to save changes.

Congratulations! Eudora is now configured for Mailshell Anti-Spam Universal.

Please note:

    Be sure to read the instructions carefully, much of the information given is for example purposes only. If you enter the example information, Eudora will not be configured correctly.