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Configuring Your Email Client
Netscape Configuration


There are two steps to get Netscape running properly with Mailshell Anti-Spam.

  1. For each Netscape POP email account you want filtered by Mailshell Anti-Spam, edit its account settings in Netscape.
  2. If you want to move or delete your junk mail, create a filtering rule in Netscape.

Changing Settings in Netscape

These step-by-step instructions will show you how to configure Netscape 7.0 for Mailshell Anti-Spam Universal.

Step 1

Choose Edit > Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings.

Step 2

Select the account you wish to filter and click on Server Settings.

You should see something like:

Write down your current values for "Server Name" and "User Name". You can always restore these original values if you don't want Mailshell Anti-Spam to filter this account any longer. In the above example, the "Server Name" is "" and the "User Name" is "jane".

Please note: If the "Server Name" server is another program running on your computer such as:

  • localhost
  • web2pop

Then you need to refer to the manual for that program to connect to Mailshell Anti-Spam.

Otherwise, make the following two changes:

  1. User Name: enter the "#" character after your username, followed by your Server Name information (in the example, this is given as ""). Note: Hotmail users should use "". Currently, only the Hotmail Inbox folder is retrieved. MSN users should use "".
  2. Server Name: replace your existing mail server name with "localhost".

The screen should now look like:

Click the OK button.

You've now configured Netscape 7.0 to retrieve mail from Mailshell Anti-Spam Universal. Repeat for each POP email account you want Mailshell Anti-Spam to filter.

Let's continue by creating a Netscape message filter to process the spam you receive.

Creating a Netscape Message Filter

Please note: The filtering rule assumes that you have already configured Mailshell Anti-Spam Universal to "Enable Spam Flagging".

Step 1

Choose Tools > Message Filters.

Click the New button.

Step 2

Enter a Filter name (in the example below, it is given as 'SpamCatcher').

Choose Customize from the Subject pull-down menu. Enter X-SpamCatcher-Flag as your New message header. Click the Add button and then OK. Enter 'Yes' in the right-most, empty text field. Please refer to the screenshot below.

You can opt to move messages containing "X-SpamCatcher-Flag: Yes" to a new folder you create (e.g. SpamCatcher) or simply delete the message. You can choose either of these actions by selecting from the Perform this action: pull-down menu.

To move it to a new folder, click the New folder button (in the example below, it is given as 'SpamCatcher'). Choose from the pull-down menu to select the location of your folder and click OK. Then click OK again to close the Message Filters window.

Congratulations! Netscape is now configured for Mailshell Anti-Spam Universal.

Please note:

    Be sure to read the instructions carefully, much of the information given is for example purposes only. If you enter the example information, Netscape will not be configured correctly.