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Using Mailshell Anti-Spam Outlook
Mailshell Network

What is the Mailshell Network?

The Mailshell Network tracks millions of messages in real-time to determine which messages are sent in bulk and whether the bulk messages are wanted by users. When you fetch new email, the Mailshell Anti-Spam software creates an anonymous fingerprint ID of the email and immediately checks the Mailshell Network if the email is spam. When you approve or block an email, the Mailshell Anti-Spam software immediately updates the Mailshell Network. You can help to stop spam by participating in Mailshell's Network. To select your Mailshell Network setting, please begin by clicking on the Mailshell Anti-Spam icon on the Outlook tool bar.

How does Blocking or Approving emails impact the Mailshell Network?

If you are connected to the Mailshell Network, your decision to block or approve an email address or domain will be tallied. Blocking a sender will decrease the sender's reputation in the Mailshell Network community. Approving a sender will increase the sender's reputation in the Mailshell Network community. These real-time updates of the Network help to identify and filter out spam for all Mailshell Anti-Spam users.

How much information is shared with the Network?

It is entirely your choice. You may choose to "not check" the Network, pass no fingerprint IDs, and rely entirely on spam rules. Or you can share an anonymous fingerprint ID of the email of the message and greatly increase spam catching accuracy. Messages and account passwords never leave your computer.

Is sharing information safe?

Yes. Sharing is both anonymous and secure. The Mailshell Anti-Spam service places the highest importance on your email privacy and security. Your email and your account passwords on your computer is never transmitted or shared with anyone - your email never leaves your computer. All the spam checking occurs in your email program and no one can ever view your messages. In addition, all requests to the Mailshell Network is anonymous and encrypted.

Is sharing information secure?

Yes. All the information conveyed via the Mailshell Network is transmitted in encrypted form.

What does a Mailshell Network fingerprint look like?

The fingerprint is just an anonymous digital hash like: LSKJE20984234sf90835kjdf890l68907goert09lijgh98ylij45670uher08.