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July 10, 2014 Bloxx Selects Mailshell to Further Solidify Email Security
September 16, 2013 Mailshell Anti-Phishing Shines in AV-Comparatives' Test
June 6, 2013 AhnLab Selects Mailshell Anti-Phishing Engine to Enhance AOS' Web Security
February 8, 2013 'Powered by Mailshell' Filters Dominate Newest VBSpam Test
October 18, 2012 "Amazingly Accurate": Two 'Powered by Mailshell' Spam Filters Earn Great Reviews from PC Magazine
September 24, 2012 Mailshell Excels Again in Independent Shoot-out Among Email Spam Blockers
March 26, 2012 Independent Tests Applaud OEM's "Powered by Mailshell" Filters
December 1, 2011 Mailshell Beats More than 20 Other Internet Security Vendors in Newest VBSpam Report; Jumps to Second Place Overall
September 22, 2011 Mailshell Engine Nearly Perfect in VB Spam Comparative Tests
April 11, 2011 Mailshell and AdaptiveMobile Partner to Protect Mobile Operators' Networks From Spam and Phishing
March 24, 2011 In Fight Against Spam, the Move to IPv6 Only a Problem for Inferior Filters
March 17, 2011 ICANN Panel on DNS Abuse Warns of Online Crime, Child Exploitation; Mailshell Responds with Secure DNS Filtering Service
February 11, 2011 Mailshell's New Encrypted DNS Service Secures Online Banking and Password Security
October 18, 2010 AVAST Software Taps Mailshell to Protect Its Users From Spam and Phishing
March 10, 2010 Another Booming U.S. Export: Email Overload
October 31, 2009 Fake Newsletters Account for More Than 25% of All Spam
October 21, 2009 Spike In Volumes of Email Spam From Korea and Vietnam
June 10, 2009 New Data Centers Support Rapid Growth of Mailshell's Cloud-based Reputation Filters
May 26, 2009 Mailshell OEM Partners Earn Kudos, Grab Honors, Versus Competitors
April 27, 2009 NETGEAR® and Mailshell Enter Agreement To Integrate Engine for Spam, Phishing and Reputation Filtering
April 20, 2009 NSS Labs Raises the Bar on Malware Testing Via Mailshell LiveFeed Traffic Reputation
February 2, 2009 Messaging Architects Steps Up The Fight Against Spam and Email Fraud Via Partnership With Mailshell
October 27, 2008 GFI Selects Mailshell To Provide Advanced, Integrated Messaging Security
September 11, 2008 LanGate Selects Mailshell To Add Integrated Email Reputation, Spam and Phishing Protection to UTM Solutions
September 3, 2008 Mailshell's Reputation Service and Spam Detection SDKs Support Cavium Networks' OCTEON Multi-Core MIPS64 Processor Family
July 7, 2008 LETA, Leading Russian Security Vendor, Integrates Mailshell for Spam and Phishing Protection
May 23, 2008 Bizanga Integrates Mailshell SDK for Email Reputation, Spam and Phishing Protection
May 12, 2008 Norman Selects Mailshell To Provide Email Reputation Data, Spam and Phishing Protection
May 7, 2008 Webroot Selects Mailshell's LiveFeed to Provide Reputation-Based Security
April 2, 2008 ESET Smart Security Integrates Mailshell Engine Into Its Protection Package
February 7, 2008 Mailshell Livefeed Repuation Service Increases Speed, Bot Detection and Trust Detection
February 5, 2008 Mailshell Grows Record Revenues, Profits and Margins In 2007 100% OEM Renewals and New Partnerships
February 26, 2007 Irongate Integrates Mailshell's Engine to Block Spam, Phishing
January 22, 2007 Yoggie Security Systems™ Integrates Mailshell's Engine to Block Spam and Phishing Attacks
September 13, 2006 GRISOFT Selects Mailshell to Provide Integrated Spam and Phishing Protection for its Security Portfolio
August 23, 2006 Internet Sheriff Integrates Mailshell SDK Into Its Threat Management Security Suite
July 31, 2006 Reflexion Strengthens Blended Anti-Spam Protection with Award-Winning SpamCompiler Capabilities from Mailshell
December 8, 2005 ICSA Labs Premier Services Collaborates with Mailshell to Establish Testing and Certification Program for Spam Filtering Solutions
December 6, 2005 Mailshell SDK Selected as a Finalist for 2006 SC Award for Best Anti Spam
November 21, 2005 Third Annual "Stop Spam Today!" Campaign to Aid Over 100,000 Nonprofits
November 7, 2005 Rockliffe Upgrades MailSite Spam Technology by Integrating the Mailshell Anti-Spam and Anti-Phishing Engine
November 3, 2005 Lyris and Mailshell Partner to Improve Transactional and Opt-In Email Delivery for Reputable Marketers
September 19, 2005 ZyXEL Embeds Mailshell Engine into ZyWALL Unified Threat Management (UTM) to Provide Complete and Transparent Spam and Phishing Protection
September 8, 2005 Mailshell Filter Now Offers More Power in Smaller Package
August 10, 2005 Mailshell to Partner with Return Path on Sender Score Email Reputation Management Service
May 23, 2005 Message Partners Introduces "Powered by Mailshell™" Spam and Phishing Protection
February 10, 2005 Mailshell's SpamCompiler Brings New Muscle to Lyris Product
February 8, 2005 Leading Spyware Expert Aluria to Offer "Powered by Mailshell" Spam Filter
December 13, 2004 Free Spam-Blocking Software Available to Nonprofits on December 15
December 8, 2004 GTA Integrates 'Powered by Mailshell' Spam Filter into Its Firewall and VPN Products
November 10, 2004 Mailshell Introduces New Statistical Solution for Stopping Email Fraud
November 9, 2004 "Stop Spam Today!" Campaign for Nonprofits Launches Today
September 15, 2004 Panda to Integrate Mailshell Spam Filter into Its Anti-Virus and Security Software Products
September 1, 2004 Lyris to Integrate Mailshell Spam Filter into Its MailShield Server Software Application
August 2, 2004 Mailshell Releases a Low Memory Version of Its Award-Winning Anti-Spam Toolkit
July 1, 2004 Mailshell Investment in OEM Technology Reflects Commitment to Global Customer Base
February 23, 2004 Many Companies Blame Their Own Employees for Rising Tide of Spam
January 13, 2004 T-Online Deploys Mailshell Engine: Webwasher's Anti-Spam Solution Selected by Major ISP to Protect Customers from Junk Emails
December 17, 2003 Cerberian and Mailshell Announce Strategic Alliance
December 3, 2003 Free Spam Blocking Software Available to All Nonprofits Nationwide on 'Spam Prevention Day'
November 10, 2003 Access US Selects Mailshell for Advanced Spam Filtering
October 8, 2003 Aladdin Systems Licenses Mailshell Spam Filter for Global Retail Distribution
August 29, 2003 Mailshell's Anti-Spam Engine Bolsters Customers' Defenses Against SoBig Virus
August 11, 2003 TechSoup Partners with Mailshell to Protect Nonprofits from Email Spam
August 4, 2003 Stalker Software and Mailshell's Anti-Spam Solution Gains Rapid Adoption Among Linux-Based Corporations
August 1, 2003 Mailshell Beats the Competition in Review of Spam Fighters by Leading Consumer Reporting Magazine
April 30, 2003 Results of the SpamCatcher Attitude Survey
April 29, 2003 FTC Extends Pact with Mailshell in Fight Against Email Spam
April 14, 2003 Finjan Software Selects Mailshell to Provide Advanced Spam Fighting Tools for Finjan's Vital Security Solution
April 9, 2003 Webwasher Taps Mailshell To Fight Spam - SpamCatcher Engine Integrated Into WebWasher® CSM Products
March 31, 2003 Stalker Software Partners with Mailshell to Provide Comprehensive Anti-Spam Capabilities
February 25, 2003 Mailshell to Provide Anti-Spam Solution for the Oracle Collaboration Suite
August 22, 2002 Mailshell Incorporates Postiva Trusted Sender Technology, Building Trust-Based Email Infrastructure to Fight Spam
August 7, 2002 Qubux and Mailshell Join to Extend Security and Protection for Sun Cobalt Server Appliances
January 14, 2002 Momentous Selects Mailshell to Provide Premium Email Service for Dot-name Domains
August 30, 2001 Mailshell Thrives as Anti-Spam Message Strikes a Chord Among Users
July 9, 2001 Mailshell Extends Its Free Anti-Spam Service to Protect Users From Any Source of Junk Email
April 3, 2001 TRUSTe Taps Mailshell to Expand Monitoring of Licensee Privacy Practices
February 27, 2001 Free Email Service Offering Users Greater Privacy and Control, Now Offers Higher ROI to Email Marketers
September 25, 2000 Free Service to Stop Junk Email Introduces Anonymous, Peer-to-Peer Content Sharing Via Email
September 11, 2000 Mailshell Offers New Expiring Email Addresses Making Total User-Anonymity the Perfect Complement to American Express' Upcoming Private Payments Service
August 17, 2000 New Internet Service Protects User Privacy and Stops Junk Email by Creating 'Shell' Around Email