(Category) Mailshell SpamCatcher FAQ
Frequently asked questions regarding the Mailshell SpamCatcher Outlook Add-in.
(Answer) What happens if Outlook is not shut down properly?
(Answer) How do I ensure that Outlook is completely shut down (win95, win98, winME)?
(Answer) How do I ensure that Outlook is completely shut down ( win2k, winNT, winXP)?
(Answer) Can I run multiple Outlook add-ins at once?
(Answer) How do I stop spam in my IMAP account?
(Answer) How do I stop spam in my Exchange account?
(Answer) Why is the SpamCatcher toolbar missing if I restart Outlook?
(Answer) Why do the SpamCatcher buttons not respond?
(Answer) How do I import non-Outlook address books into SpamCatcher?
(Answer) What are the advantages of using SpamCatcher with my Mailshell web service?
(Answer) Where are spam messages saved?
(Answer) McAfee VirusScan - Outlook crashes with error on starting
(Answer) I've uninstalled SpamCatcher yet the SpamCatcher toolbar still appears in Outlook. How can I get rid of it?
(Answer) SpamCatcher was working great but has stopped working. What happened?
(Answer) How can I speed Outlook up?
(Answer) I cannot execute the SpamCatcher program. What do I do?
(Answer) Does SpamCatcher for Outlook support Outlook 2003?
(Answer) I do not see a SpamCatcher folder. Where is it?
(Answer) Why does Scan Folder just opens a window and closes it immediately?
(Answer) Does Outlook rules or SpamCatcher have precedence?
(Answer) How do I use SpamCatcher with Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL, IMAP, etc.?
2003-Nov-04 2:19am
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